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EP Geared Motors with Worm Gearing - Modal & Customizable teknoloji kondwi
Worm gear systems from EP DRIVESYSTEMS especially show their strength in applications where high gear ratios are necessary. Our worm geared motors are consequently optimally suited for use in intralogistics, packaging technology and the food & beverage industry.
Four great reasons for EP worm geared motors:
Vè k'ap manje kadav motè nou yo gen yon kapasite Surcharge ki pi wo
Antretyen Zanmitay
Washdown versions enable simple and efficient cleaning of the drive program.
Pwoteksyon korozyon
NSD tupH konvèsyon sifas la sele eksepsyonèlman chimik, korozyon ak fwotman rezistan.
Konsepsyon modilè nou an bay itilizatè yo pi gwo libète.
Sistèm nan modilè pou fleksibilite maksimòm: inite Kovèti pou vè EP nou an
There are many applications that want drive systems, and each one of these has its own unique requirements. The EP series EP worm equipment motors could be quickly and efficiently adapted to fulfill your needs.
EP worm gear products impress with their high power density and compact design. If required, we can also supply them with the highly effective nsd tupH surface area treatment.
As well as the basic EP housing, you can expect an extensive line of bolt-on parts to customize the product including torque arms, shaft covers and output flanges. These can be quickly field installed, but we will also be glad to assemble the average person components for you.
Discover more about our modular SI worm geared motors!
Jwenn plis
Simple and Clean: The EP worm gear device SMI
SMI worm gear units feature a even, corrosion-resistant alluminum alloy housing. Optional nsd tupH surface area conversion makes the product ideally suited for severe and challenging industries like food processing and pharmaceuticals.
Versatile input designs such as NEMA, IEC or immediate motor mounts in additional foot or flange mounted casing designs.
EP worm geared motors: Compact and efficient
In 2001, EP engineers developed a EP concept, which combines all components of the gear unit in a one-piece housing. At that time, no-one guessed that this design would end up being the global standard for equipment unit housings.
The reason behind the success of our EP housing is easy: Through the compact arrangement of most gear unit elements, geared motors achieve higher drive torques and a higher axial and radial load capacity. Our worm gear devices proudly feature this housing design concept.
EP EP worm equipment motors are the answer for applications requiring a part turn, optional dual result, or an inability for the electric motor to be back again driven. The DC right angle equipment motors are designed for constant and intermittent duty procedure. Our right angle equipment reducers are designed with many mounting plate choices, making them well suited for a variety of DC electric motor based applications. You can expect 12 ratios which range from 5:1 to 100:1.
1/43 a 3/8 HP
12, 24, 90, 130, 180 VDC, 115 FWR
9 - 475 RPM
1.5 - 315.9 nan-lb koupl rated
Gwosè ankadreman 60, 80, 108 mm
5: 1 - 100: 1 rapò estanda
Standard brush life of 2000+ hours (varies by application)
EP Worm Equipment Motors are designed to generate high torque in a small package size. Worm Equipment Motors are great for applications that want a self- locking or breaking feature because the output shaft can’t rotate when there’s no power used. Additionally, Worm Gearheads can transfer movement in 90 degrees. With various decrease ratios, precision cut gears, voltages and sizes, EP Items includes a DC Vè k'ap manje kadav Gear motè solution for the application.
Features ak Benefis
Very High Torque Capabilities
Self-bloke / frenaj Karakteristik
Mouvman Transfè nan 90 Degre
Ability to Handle Large Gear Reduction Ratios
Segondè durability
Low bri
Fleksib nou konte ofri sèvis
Protection Door Locks / Industrial Conveying Systems / Security Gates / Oral Chair / Ambulance Cots & Stretchers Many of our DC Motors can be complimented with one of our Worm Gearheads. ISL Items will continue to work with you to design and manufacture a Worm Gear Electric motor that will optimize the efficiency of your specific application.

Built to your specific requirements
Electric motor Type: Brushed / Brushless / Coreless
Vitès Sòti
Rediksyon pwopòsyon
Materyèl aks & gwosè
Materyèl Kovèti pou
Arbr konte genyen: (D Koupe / Round / Splined / Lòt)
Paramèt gwosè jeneral (L, W, H)
Kalite Encoder: Efè Optical / Hall
Additional Assembly Requirements (lead wires, connectors, etc.)
Tough, compact, eye-catching!