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An induction engine or 3 stage induction motor is an AC electric motor in which the electric energy in the rotor had a need to produce torque is obtained by electromagnetic induction from the magnetic field of the stator winding

An induction electric motor which connects with a 3-stage supply called 3-stage induction motor. Example enthusiasts,blowers, cranes,traction .It is a ac engine. The primary drawback of DC motors may be the existence of commutator and brushes, which require frequent maintenance and we can’t use DC motor in explosive and filthy environment. But induction motors are Twa Faz Motè cheaper,rugged,lighter,smaller,require less maintenance and may use in filthy and explosive environment. Slide s is the imp aspect in this type of motor.

Gen 2 kalite IM.

Kaj ekirèy IM

Glise bag IM

Gen divès kondisyon kòmanse ak frenaj.

Ki enpòtan starting methods are

Star-delta starter

Auto transfòmatè starter

AC vòltaj kontwolè starter

Rotor rezistans starter

Metòd frenaj enpòtan yo

Rejeneratif frenaj

Branche oswa ranvèse frenaj vòltaj

dinamik frenaj

But one thing rate control technique of induction engine is important

Pòl chanje

Kontwòl vòltaj statorik

V / f kontwòl

Glise pouvwa rekiperasyon an

Kontwòl rezistans rotor