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Tout tan-pouvwa - bwat la biseau pwisan
The look of the Ever-Power range has been influenced by extremely varied applications within many industry sectors. This bevel gearbox offers been created with a particular torque/speed relationship at heart and therefore advantages from many advantages.
compact and rigid design ensures highest functionality whilst getting space and weight efficient
Friction-locked match between shaft and bevel gear
Ekonomize enèji akòz gwo efikasite plase nan 98%
plis refwadisman: sistèm sikilasyon lwil oliv pou refwadisman, refwadisman pake avèk oswa san fanatik adisyonèl
extended result hollow shaft for shrink disc (with or with no shrink disc)
desen Customized
pye aliye
disponib tou nan asye pur
EP-Seri an espiral bwat bwat products offers 7 different sizes, 6 model types, and 9 ratios, with various input-output arrangements including solid shaft or hollow bore options, as well as universal mounting capability.
Most of these options are made feasible by a modular style concept that begins with a cubic casing.
The EP-Series is an extremely versatile products, meeting virtually all of the technical offices requests.
Desen Lòt:
Seri EP Itilize kòm miltiplikatè (rapò rediksyon = 0.5; 0.67)
EP Seri Manyèl glise chen anbreyaj, ki gen ladan yon net.
EP Series The same as ZD With manual forward neutral and reverse.
EP Seri bwat bwat bisiklèt espiral ak ranfòse twou kre.
Precision espiral redukteur Kovèti pou - Seri EP
Our EP-Series is a good spiral bevel gearbox solution whether for power transmitting, high torque, or dynamic applications. These gearboxes feature sturdy cast iron housings, hardened bevel gears that are lapped in pairs, and robust bearings all contributing to a dependable and optimized performance.
Readily available in a wide variety of frame sizes
Anpil konfigirasyon arbr
Matematikman egzak rapò Kovèti pou biseau komen
Segondè efikasite 94-98%
Grese pou lavi ak lwil sentetik
Combining these features with Ever-Power capability to customize, the EP-Series spiral bevel gearbox will be a ideal addition to your machine design.
Below is a selection of EP-Series gearboxes. You can get the full product line, with technical specifications and CAD models, right here:
Tout V-Seri
Konfigirasyon pwodiksyon arbr
Konfigirasyon pwodiksyon kre
Espiral bwat bizote
Ever-Power spiral bevel gearboxes are suitable for universal use because of their machine-friendly building and adaptability. The effective and reliable top performer is obtainable in different variations. Like all Ever-Power spiral bevel gearboxes, they are produced using the modern production method of ground circular arc the teeth according to Ever-Power. For customers, this means better toothing quality and precision along with even faster delivery times.
Angilè bwat ak arbr solid ak kle
Ratios: i [-] 1.0 – 6.0
Max. acceleration torque: T2maxzul [Nm] 27 – 15300
Nominal torque upon output shaft: T2Nzul [Nm] 10 – 5700
Max. backlash: j [arcmin] 10, 7, [4]
Max. input quickness: N1maxzul [min-1] up to 4500
Strong spiral bevel gearboxes – small and simple to incorporate
Angrenaj biseau espiral Nerjaveèi bisiklèt angrenaj
Ever-Power wide range of spiral bevel gearboxes are characterised by high quality and robust functionality by virtue of the gear housing manufactured from cast iron. Our spiral bevel gearboxes are produced in four different versions. The drive and the wheel are primarily made with Ever-Power spiral gearing providing a noiseless, steady and efficient operation.
Kalite EP ka vèsyon estanda a kote an reyalite kabann lan konsiste de fò sèl-ranje gwo basen byen fon \ / fant dèyè woulo bi sou chèz poli.
Type “E” and “P” are gearboxes designed for transmission of high torques at low revolutions. The bearings are solid conical roller bearings on polished bearing seats.
Kalite "L" se yon bwat patikilye manifaktire selon kondisyon kliyan yo.
Our spiral bevel gearboxes could be given up to four shafts, hollow shaft and with an result torque of up to 1,000 Nm and may end up being fitted with a electric motor flange with a coupling for direct mounting of the motor.
The spiral bevel gearboxes are available in the following gear ratios 1:1, 1,5:1, 2:1 and 3:1 and can also be supplied as reversing gears. All spiral bevel gearboxes are life-period lubricated and will be provided in a hygienic version with a lubricant approved for the food industry, with stainless steel shafts and with a rustproof yellow-colored chromated gear housing. When there is a need for particular shafts or flanges, we have great encounter in adapting gearboxes – also in smaller quantities – or in designing special gearboxes for example with gear housings in stainless steel or as precision gearboxes with minimal backlash.
Definisyon tipik nan yon Kovèti pou Bisel se yon Kovèti pou kòn ki gen fòm ki transmèt pouvwa ant 2 aks kwazman.
Looking in bevel gears from the variations in helix angles, they can be generally classified into straight bevel gears, which don’t have helix angles, and spiral bevel gears (including zerol bevel gears), which do have helix angles. However, due to the fact that manufacture facilities for straight bevel gears have become rare and the actual fact that straight bevel gears teeth can’t be polished, producing spiral bevel gears which can be polished superior in conditions of noise reduction, spiral bevel gears will probably become more common in the future.
Bevel gears could be generally classified by their manufacturing methods, namely the Gleason method and Klingelnberg technique, which each have differing teeth styles, and presently most gears use the Gleason technique. Incidentally, all gears produced by Ever-Power utilize the Gleason method.
Ever-Power explanation: Spiral bevel gearbox
High-precision and high performance spiral bevel gearboxes from Ever-Power are used worldwide in all commercial sectors of mechanical engineering.
Our comprehensive manufacturing services and our in-home heat treatment make us extremely flexible and responsive. We work together together with you, providing assistance and assistance for your specific program, guiding you through idea, design and manufacture according to your own requirements.
Bay benefis anpil valè pou solisyon Customized.
Additional drive shafts and a choice of internal gear arrangements make the standard version of our spiral bevel gearbox truly adaptable. From one to three additional shafts, you will find the perfect solution.
Presizyon nan angrenaj garanti pa revizyon enspeksyon verifye (tès sèl flan)
Divès kalite klas kalite bwat
Anpil opsyon espesyal ki disponib, tankou ranfòse BEARINGS oswa refwadisman pou pwosedi nan tanperati ki wo
Versions for unique requirements such as ATEX or for use in the meals industry
Various corrosion resistant finishes: aluminium, stainless, painting or Tenifer 30 NO treatment
The spiral bevel gearboxes for torques up to 8,000 Nm have tested their versatility and value time when you are extremely precise with very low backlash and incredibly low transmission error. Silent, shock resistant, have overload capability and are space saving.
Se bwat la segondè presizyon espiral bwat bizwen itilize atravè lemond nan pwosesis papye, pwosesis manje, otomobil ak jeni espesyalite. Yon "konpreyansyon" ak konsiderasyon bon jan kalite, divèsite, lonjevite ak disponiblite.
The modified helical teeth of spiral bevel gears create dependable, tooth-to-tooth traction that minimizes backlash and prevents the gears from slipping. The gears are cautiously spaced to allow lubricants to be spread evenly. The spiral bevel gears in a Ever-Power gearbox are specifically adjusted with a unique, adjustable locknut design.
Spiral bevel gears are made for applications that require high acceleration and high torque power. They can help cut consumer costs by giving long-lasting performance with minimal need for repairs or replacements. With spiral bevel gears, there is no need for offsets and a considerably reduced threat of overheating. Curved teeth and deeper traction between those the teeth ensures better asset availability to improve flexible performance and prolong equipment life.
Spiral bevel gears are bevel gears with helical teeth positioned in a 90-level angle. One’s teeth are designed with hook curve to supply better flexibility and traction. Although they could be considered a hypoid gear, they haven’t any offsets, which indicates they will not slip during procedure. This ensures smooth, dependable transmission ideal for high-speed, high-torque applications.