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1. Sòti Hub
Standard or option hubs with metric bores are available to suit inter nationwide shaft diameters.
2. Precision Top quality Gearing
Pc Created Helical Gear. Robust Alloy Resources for Higher Load Capability, Case Carburized for long daily life, Ground Profile (some intermediate pinions are shaved), Crown tooth Profile, In Conformance with ISO 1328-1997, 98% Efficiency for per Stage, Smooth Quiet Operation with Teeth in Mesh.
3. Maksimòm Kapasite Lojman Design ak style
Shut Grain Cast Iron Building, Outstanding Vibration Dampening & shock Resistance features, Precision Bored and Dowelled to Ensu?oe Accurate In¨°?line Assembly.
4. Bonjan Alloy Steel Arbres
Steel Alloy solid, fè tèt di toujou, tè sou jounal, Seatings Kovèti pou ak ekstansyon, pou chaj maksimòm ak chaj maksimòm torsyonèl, gwosè jenere aks kle pou chaje chòk ak konfòme yo ak estanda ISO.
5. sitiyasyon anplis Lugs (Eksepte H ak J Kovèti pou Ka)
Eliminates the Need for Critical Tightening of Torque arm Bolts, Controls Position of Common Torque Arm Mounting within Recommended limits.
6. Backstops
Alternative Parts, Anti-run Back Device, Are available on all 13:1 and 20:1 Ratio units and do not recommend for 5:1 Units.
7. Portant ak lwil oliv sele
Bearing are Adequately Proportioned and Conform to ISO dimension plan, Readily Offered World-wide, Oil seals are Double Lipped Garter Spring Type, Ensuring Effective Oil Sealing.
8. Bouchon bouchon fen
Self Fermeture Plak Kouvèti Entèmedyè, nan tipik ISO Dimansyon Lojman.
9. Asanble bra koupl
Pou ajisteman fasil nan senti an