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15 different ratios which range from 3.5:1 to 100:1
Maks. vitès opinyon: 1800 RPM
Result torque up to 190 in-lbs
Limyè pwa Nylon lojman
Lubrifye pou lavi
Shaft input to shaft result or shaft input to hollow bore output
Input & Output Shafts for Worm Gearboxes
Input shafts and result shafts with drive keys and retainer bands could be supplied to your specifications for any of our hollow bore gearboxes. We carry P Series gearbox output shafts designed specifically for our worm gear reduction boxes.

Our inventory also includes a broad collection of misalignment shaft couplings in inch and metric bore sizes for your worm gearbox program. Other ” and metric precision surface shafts are available from stock.

Avantaj la tout tan-pouvwa pou bwat vè k'ap manje kadav Drive
Ever-Power has 30-plus years’ experience in manufacturing gearboxes and other precision drive elements. Features and benefits of our worm gears consist of:
High efficiency correct angle worm gear reducers
Repèkisyon: 4, 8, oswa 30 arc-min
Single shaft, double shaft, or flange mount input
NEMA mòn flan disponib
Rugged worm equipment reducers built for reliability in challenging applications
Pèmanan grese
Vitès yo konsèvativman rated
Available with ingress protection to IP65 or more
Lojman aliminyòm solid
Ball bearings upon input and output
Custom bwat 90-degre ki disponib nan espesifikasyon ou yo
Request a Quote for Precision Worm Gearboxes
We provide reliable, powerful worm gearboxes for almost all motion transfer applications. Purchase today, demand a quote, or contact Ever-Power for the worm equipment reducer you need.

See individual item listings for additional information and specifications.
Kovèti pou vè k'ap manje kadav Drive pou aplikasyon pou koupl segondè
Our worm gearboxes are greased for life and feature solid aluminum housings and ball bearings on insight and result. If you’re uncertain which gear reduction container is most effective to your application, look at our Buyer’s Guidebook to see ten essential points to consider when choosing a gearbox. Another important reference, Inertia and the Use of Inertia Statistics, offers a formulation for coping with inertia in worm equipment selection.
Arbr pou fè bwat Wormwheel
Shaft to bore worm gearboxes are engineered for ≤30 arc minutes of backlash. Obtainable ratios range from 5:1 to 120:1 with single-ended or double-ended result shafts. Imperial and metric sizes.
Segondè efikasite: jiska 90% nan 1,000 RPM
Koupl Rezilta jiska 1 1,400 lbf.in.
Rated pou ranfòse opinyon a 3,000 RPM
Repèkisyon sèlman 4 minit arc
Bride bwat Wormwheel
Flange gear reduction boxes have a concise footprint and create an output at 90° from the input. Obtainable in a range of sizes with single-ended or double-ended output shafts, and with regular ratios ranging from 5:1 to 120:1. Imperial and metric sizes.
Segondè efikasite: jiska 90% nan 1,000 RPM
Output torque up to at least one 1,400 lbf.in.
Rated pou vitès opinyon jiska 3,000 RPM
Repèkisyon sèlman 4 minit arc
NEMA bride vè k'ap manje kadav kondwi bwat
NEMA flange worm gearboxes feature a compact aluminum framework with a 90° output angle and so are offered with decrease ratios which range from 5:1 to 120:1. Optional NEMA 17 and NEMA 23 inputs are available, in addition to single-output or double-output shafts. Imperial and metric sizes.
Segondè efikasite: jiska 90% nan 1,000 RPM
Koupl Rezilta jiska 1 1,400 lbf.in.
Rated pou vitès opinyon jiska 3,000 RPM
Repèkisyon osi ba ke 4 minit arc
Miniature Wormwheel bwat
Miniature worm gear reduction boxes are greased forever and offered in metric sizes with ratios which range from 1:1 to 30:1. Available in 3.00mm or 4.00mm shaft output options. Metric sizes only.
Segondè efikasite: jiska 82% nan 1,000 RPM
Max. Output: up to 4,000 RPM
Low repèkisyon: ≈2 °
Output torque up to 3.95 lbf.in.
Gwosè kò 14mm kib ak 20mm kib
Segondè Pwopòsyon Diminye bwat vè k'ap manje kadav
High reduction worm gearboxes feature parallel input and output shafts and are essentially two reduction gearboxes within a unit. Dual ball bearings and long term lubrication offer years of dependable high cycle performance. Pick from three body sizes with ratios which range from 25:1 to 900:1. Metric sizes just.
Insight speeds: up to 3,000 RPM
Ideyal koupl: 2.2Nm 34Nm
Low repèkisyon: ≈2 °
Kontra enfòmèl ant bwat Wormwheel
Our most small worm drive gearbox is made to handle demanding power transfer applications and is offered with a 5:1, 10:1 or 20:1 equipment ratio. Features include machined light weight aluminum housing and hardened metal gears. Imperial sizes just.
Segondè efikasite: jiska 90% nan 1,000 RPM
Maks. vitès opinyon: 3,000 RPM
Low repèkisyon: maksimòm ≈2 °
Output torque up to 3.95 lbf.in
Lejè - apeprè 4oz
Low profile – only one 1.09 in high.
Economic Molded Glass Filled Housing Speed Reducers
Assembled in a Glass filled Nylon Housing are financial yet deliver superior performance.