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Typical F Form
Double angajman (F flechir-flechir) pou aliyman paralèl ak angilè
Single engagement (FFR flex-rigid) accommodates angular misalignment only and it is best for floating shaft applications
Modèl sektè komen boulon bride
FHD Style standard for sizes 10 as a result of 30 (other sizes readily available on request)

Rijid-rijid FRR Varyete
Built for connecting two rigidly mounted shafts with no misalignment capability

Alloy Rigid-Rigid FARR Form
Pi long sant pilote soutni frigidité ak konsantrisite
Utilized for cantilevered loads for instance gear boxes that hang off conveyor systems
Alloy steel obtainable for better strength (FARR)

Mill Motor FMM Style
First hub intended with longer universal hub on one particular finish to accommodate straight or tapered shafts
Second hub bored to consumer specifications
Regular layout accommodates AISE Mill Motor frame sizes
Sleeves and 2nd hub are conventional