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RA and RAHS Sort Rigid Adjustable Couplings
The RA and RAHS couplings are presented in two different designs. Type II coupling includes two rigid hubs, adjusting nut and split ring and split ring for motor bub. Kind IV coupling includes two rigid hubs, adjusting nut, split ring for motor hub and spacer.
Axial positioning from the pump impeller in vertical pump applications
Clearence match bores enables for quick installation and upkeep for pump and/or motor
Easily adjustable for vertical clearence
Detachable spacer for simple maintenance
AISI 1045 Steel
Stainless Steel coupling also offered
Kòmann Detay
Aplikasyon: chofè ak kondwi.
Pouvwa elektrik: motè puisans oswa koupl egzijans.
Velocity: Motor Pace or Driven RPM.
Distans pami arbr (BSE).
Gwosè aks.
Ajiste fil nwa.
Volume of trust on either or the two shafts.
Soumèt desen si yo ofri li.