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EP Series Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Reducer
Detay spesifikasyon:
1.Work specification of helical equipment reducer: F37-F157, 10 type totally.
2.The output of the helical equipment reducer: 0.12-200KW
3.Project output torque of the helical gear reducer:3.5-21500N•m
4.The transmission ratio of the helical gear reducer: 3.77-281071
5.Various mounting forms of helical gear reducer: foot mounting, input flange of B5.
The foot amounting reducer has two machine-processed foot mounting surfaces.
94%-98% (depends upon the transmission stage)
materyèl lojman
HT250 high-power cast iron
Kovèti pou materyèl
Dite sifas nan angrenaj yo
HRC58°-62 °
Antre / Sòti arbr materyèl
Machining presizyon nan angrenaj yo
Egzat fanm k'ap pile, 6 Klas
Lwil lubrifyan
Kovèti pou lwil oliv
Tretman chalè
Carburizing ak tiyo
Brand nan BEARINGS
Bri (MAX)
Tanperati. monte (MAX)
Tanperati. monte (lwil) (MAX)
Customized quality and on request
Our helical and bevel-helical gears are our state of the art items. Each unit is customized to the client requirements. The Helical gears are designed, developed, and manufactured using our advanced specialized resources. These gearboxes come in different sizes, ratios, with metric and imperial shafts, metal or high grade cast iron housings, solid or hollow result shafts, and customized input connections for electrical motors.
Helical Parallel Shaft Gearmotor :
1.Modularly design;
2.The component and parts are designed and produced standardly, making the merchandise great exchangeability and high efficiency, thus can greatly short the delivery time.
3.Low energy consumption, low noise, little vibration, efficiency up to 96%;
4.Good rigdity of cast iron box, high strength, great heat loss, long service life.
5.Gear is constructed of fine alloy forge steel, the surface is finished with carburizing and quenching which ensured high hardness and accuracy.
6.Flange-mounted with hollow shaft, foot-installed with hollow shaft, and optional torque arm and various other special accessories.
Energy efficient, corrosion proof, compact
Helical- & Parallel Shaft Gearboxes
The 2-stage helical gearboxes from Ever-Power stand for absolute robustness, high quality and long life.
Ever-Power parallel shaft geared motors (obtainable in 2- or 3- stage models) give a variety of mounting options by their high center range and hollow shaft.
The aluminum housings give both gearbox types light weight and high corrosion resistance.
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Helical gearbox Parallel shaft gearbox
Kind of motor asynchronous or long term magnet electric motor asynchronous or long lasting magnet motor
Ranked torque up to 2,060 Nm up to at least one 1,350 Nm
Ratios* 2.55 – 56.68 24.6 – 347
Output speed variable variable
Result shaft solid shaft solid or hollow shaft
Mounting feet or flange install flange mount
Ever-Power Engineers INCLUDES A Massive Clientile To Whom It Has Been Supplying Helical Gearboxes ACCORDING TO Their Specific Requirements.
The High Technicality In THE TYPICAL Of Engineering Due To Its Construction And THE LOOK (Modular) Gives An OPTIMIZED PERFORMANCE Output .
Specialized In Providing Prize-Successful Helical Gearboxes & Bevel Helical Gearboxes, Our Company Provides A High AMOUNT OF Effeciency Gearboxes To Our Clients.
Today’s Various Applications Demands IN A VARIETY OF Power Sectors – Medium / DURABLE Can Be Met By These Gearboxes.
The Replaceability OF VARIED Assemblies And The Maintenance IS PERFORMED By A Diligent Team Of Ever-Power Which Has VERY SKILLED Manpower For The Maintenance Of Gearboxes .
Bevel Helical Gearbox :
Power : Upto 5500 kW
Reduction Ratio : Upto 650:1
The Inclined Tooth For Torque Transmission Between Parallel Or Correct Angle Shafts With Case Hardened Profile Ground Metal Gears Ensure minimum Noise
Size : 112 To 710 Centre Distance
Industries : Glucose , Cement , Paper , Solvent Extraction, Steel Industry , Conveyore , Agitators, Mines & Minerals , Cranes , Crushers , Fin Cooler Drives , Aerators , Kneaders, Thickeners , Larger Ball Mills Power Vegetation , Rubber.
Lòt Features
Gearing Of High Efficience
ekonomize enèji
Spill-Proof Motor Removal
Mounting Options – Foot / Flange/Shaft Mount
Key Point :
Our Bevel Helical Gearbox Range Offers Been Majorly Used For Extreme Power Transmission Program Which REACHES Least More Than 50KW, Achieving An Ascent In Efficiency. THERE IS ALSO A 5500KW Power Range Specifically CREATED FOR Cement Plants And Glucose Mills.
Reduction Stages : Single/Double/Triple/Quadruple
Bevel Helical Gearbox Can Be Used In Various Fields SUCH AS FOR EXAMPLE:
Coal Pulverizing Mills
Refwadisman gwo fò tou won
Fin Cooler Drives
Larger Ball Mills
Asansè bokit
These Helical & Bevel Helical Gearboxes Can Attain High Effectiveness Ratios , AND SO ARE Thus Used In Extreme Power Transmitting Systems.
A FEW OF THE Industries Applicable For Bevel Helical Gearboxes Are :
Plant tèmik
Endistri sik
Endistri siman
Endistri papye
Solvent extraction plants
Plastic industry
Rubber industry
Industry Steel
Plant Chimik yo
Mines and minerals
Avantaj ou yo
High torque density
Segondè pèmèt charj overhung
Multi-stage gear unit for low output speeds
F37 … F157 paralèl bwat helikal Reduced backlash option
EP series (two-stage and three-stage)
Our extra-slim parallel shaft helical gearmotors are the perfect solution when space is bound. The many different sizes and styles ensure that the gearmotors can be utilized in a wide variety of applications even under the most unfavorable circumstances. Ever-Power parallel shaft helical gearmotors are usually found in conveyor and materials processing applications. You can choose from foot-mounted, flange-mounted or shaft-mounted options. Reduced backlash parallel shaft helical equipment units are also on obtain precise positioning tasks.
Available versions
Pye-monte oswa bride-monte
B5 oswa B14 bride-monte
Solid oswa kre arbr
Arbr Hollow ak koneksyon keyed, retresi disk, splined arbr kre
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Gear unit reduction ratio
3.77 - 281.71
Multi-stage gear unit decrease ratio
87 - 31434
Koupl Sòti
[Nm] ([lb-in])
130 – 18000 (1150 – 159300) (also in reduced backlash version)
Motor power range
[kW] ([Hp])
0.12 – 200 (0.16 – 268)
Parallel shaft helical gear device versions
Ever-Power helical gear units
Our helical gear units are used wherever high torques are required.
For the belt drive, the customer decided on Ever-Power helical gear units because these offer output torques of up to 2,200,000 lb-in and powers as high as 5,360 HP. Thanks to their integration in to the tried-and-tested UNICASE housing, the gear units also have high axial and radial load capacities. The helical gear units can therefore very easily withstand the harsh conditions of use on the conveyor belt.
What are the advantages of Ever-Power helical gear devices?
Ever-Power industrial gear models with helical gears are ideal for heavy duty applications because of their high torque capacity
Sèvis lavi
Large roller bearings and specific alignment of shafts and equipment wheels ensure a long service life.
Versatile installation solutions and extensive input options ensure application flexibility.
Many mounting designs open to focus on the needs of various installation requirements.
Our industrial helical gear units: Maximum flexibility
If you buy a Ever-Power helical gear unit, you will have little problems in adapting it to your application. Rather, our equipment systems adapt themselves to the application.
To create installation as flexible as possible for our products, we give you various shaft and flange choices. Integration of the apparatus unit into your system is also facilitated by six installation areas, which cover many different installation positions.
Due to their powerful and flexibility, Ever-Power helical gear systems are ideally fitted to use in many applications such as for example agitators, lifting equipment, extruders, mixers, mills, drums or crushers.