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• Drive and Programmable Controller
• REAL-TIME Closed Loop
• SnapTrack Easy Programming
• Six Digital I/O
• One 16 Bit Analog Input
• RS485 or Multi-Drop Communication
• Other Rotary and Linear Actuator Variations Available

During last 10 years, Ever-Power’ has provided a unique type of stepper motor linear actuators that open up new avenues for equipment designers who require high performance and exceptional stamina in a very small package. These products convert the rotation movement to linear movement on motors with engineered thermoplastic nuts and a stainless acme business lead screws. This allows the linear actuator to provide quiet, efficient, long lasting and cost effective linear motion solutions.

5 frame sizes with NEMA 17, 23, 34, 42, 56 nema bwat flange and metric shaft
Backlash only 6 arc-minutes
Rapò jiska 1000: 1
Segondè kapasite loading radial ak axial
20,000 èdtan lavi sèvis
Sentetik grès, gratis nan antretyen
Reliable operating performance, affordable integration

The Ever-Power EP Series gearboxes are equipped with a NEMA output flange with metric shaft, to provide exceptional torque ratings and convenience of many of present servo and stepper motion control applications. The gearboxes are drop-ins for some industry standards and available from solitary to three stages with ratios 3:1 up to 1000:1, the very best backlash of < 6 arc-a few minutes. Adapters for all servo and stepper motors. Gearing Arrangement:Planetary,Spur
Frame Size:42.6/60/90/115/145 mm
Pwopòsyon: 3 ~ 1000: 1
Koupl Sòti nominal: 8 ~ 215 Nm
Nominal Antre vitès: 2500 ~ 4000 rpm
Maks. Antre vitès: 5000 ~ 6000 rpm
Repèkisyon: 12 ~ 15 arcmin, twa etap, 6 ~ 9 arcmin, yon sèl etap, 8 ~ 12 arcmin, de etap
Nivo bri: 60 ~ 67 dBA / 1m
Patiraj: IP65
Lubrification: sentetik grès machin
Key Features