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CCS Kind Cut-Out Shifter Couplings
The CCS Kind coupling includes two flex hubs, one unique sleeve with no lubrication holes and a single accessory kit which includes a particular seal for that hub that disengages to elliminate undue friction once the disengaged hub is turning inside the sleeve. Common hub is hand filled with grease.
Permits speedy disengagement of driver and driven shafts without having disassembling the coupling
Broadly utilized on dual drives and tools operated in tandem
Sele inik pou debouche mwaye
Also obtainable with pins to preserve sleeve in each engaged and disengaged positions
Lòd Info
Aplikasyon: chofè ak kondwi.
Fòm ak gwosè kouple, orizontal, vètikal ak sou sa.
Pouvwa elektrik: Motè puissance ou couple nesesite.
Vitès: Motè RPM oswa Kondwi RPM.
Distans ant bout arbr (BSE).
Gwosè aks.
Dimansyon Shifter Groove (lajè ak deyò dyamèt).
Specify which hub is going to be stationary when coupling is disengaged.

CSHP Variety Shear Pin Couplings
The CSHP Variety coupling includes one regular flex hub, two piece shear hub and a single set of shear pins, 1 conventional sleeve and accessory kit.
Intended to reduce damage to connected equipment
Pwodwi taye nan charj Predetermined
New Pins is often promptly inserted
Lòd Facts
Aplikasyon: chofè ak kondwi.
Form and dimension of coupling, horizontal, vertical and so on.
Enèji: motè puisans oswa koupl egzijans.
Pace: Motè RPM oswa Kondwi RPM.
Distans nan mitan bout arbr (BSE).
Gwosè aks.
Espesifye sa a mwaye PIN taye.
Espesifye koupl la taye espere.