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BACKUP PIN: there exists a backup pin with the chain splitter, created by stainless, more strong rather than easy bending
UNIVERSAL: the chain hyperlink removal is ideal for most of bicycles, very easily to works on 7/8/9/10 swiftness chain, so you never have to worry about buying a different tool for your household bikes
EASY USING: get your bike chain set easily employing this chain breaker! easy to remove link, easy to re-install link. just line everything up correctly and press the pin out and remove link, again take your time placing the chain back together, line it all up and push link pin back in
DURABLE & WELL MADE: the chain rivet device was made by carbon steel, very strong and durable therefore there is no worries of its breaking or bicycle chain china bending whilst focusing on your bike. the deal with part made by plastic with covered, extremely comfortable and anti-slip
Small & PORTABLE: this bike chain remover is in small design and portable for carrying to anywhere anytime